Betsy's Health Foods Winners

Besides the knowledge we are always striving to share, Betsy's is also excited to make our customers winners in other ways.

Each month, we draw for a winner of $50 worth of product at each of our three locations.  We also draw for a winner of $50 worth of product at each of our three locations on each Wellness Wednesday. Here are our most recent winners:

2017 Monthly Drawing Winners

Champion Forest Dr.:
Jan. -- Kate C.
Feb. -- Roy H.
March -- Martin K.
April -- Kelvin H.
May -- Ekuzabeth J.
June -- Novis M.

Fallbrook Dr.:
Jan. -- Debbie J.
Feb. -- Lucette G.
March -- Becky M.
April -- Melody M.
May -- Linda C.
June -- Brad P.

Cypresswood Dr.:
Jan. -- Marilou C.
Feb. -- Mark R.
March -- Carmen T.
April -- Karen L.
May -- Eric S.
June -- Elizabeth W.

2017 Wellness Wednesday Winners

Champion Forest Dr.:
Jan. -- Frances T.
Feb. -- Tilly B.
March -- Janice P.
April  -- Becky P.
May -- Tena H.
June -- Kate C.

Fallbrook Dr.:
Jan. -- Therese R.
Feb. -- Michelle D.
March -- Star B.
April -- Dennis A.
May -- Kathy O.
June -- Paula G.

Cypresswood Dr.:
Jan. -- Etta C.
Feb. -- Dinah P.
March -- Talisa A.
April -- Joy L.
May -- Barbara R.
June -- Shirley D.

July -- Rose L.
August -- Patricia G.
September -- Vera L.
October -- Margi G.
November -- Thomas E.

July -- Tamisha S.
August -- Irene D.
September -- Lorraine H.
October -- Lynn S.
November -- Jerry H.

July -- Sharon W.
August -- Wendy W.
September -- Kim H.
October -- Barabara R.

July -- Virgil V.
August -- Kevin M.
September -- Maria T.
October -- Barbara A.
November -- Dianne H.

July -- Maggie D.
August -- Charlene W.
September -- Shirley M.
October -- Charlotte F.
November -- Cheryl W.

July -- Janey M.
August -- Janet B.
September -- Cheri H.
October -- Lorraine C.
November -- Melanie I.