Deep Dive: the Brain

Deep Dive: the Brain

This third quarter of 2022, we’re deep diving into the brain, discussing important topics like memory support, stress, mood, learning, and more. We hope you’ll join us through our blog posts, emails, podcasts, videos and in-store as we share tips and also talk about the nutrients we all need to best serve our hard-working minds.

The brain is a network of neurons (interactive cells), composed of soft tissue, water and 60% fat (largely DHA). Small blood vessels throughout the brain provide all-important oxygen, as well as the nutrients the brain needs to survive. A diet rich in antioxidants, with healthy fats like the omegas found in fish, protects the brain from free radical damage and also helps the cells better communicate with each other.

As we delve into the brain over the next few months, you’ll notice that improving brain health involves several key areas. First, nutrients are needed to help keep the blood flowing to the brain’s tissue, especially considering the small blood vessels that are the brain’s only source for nutrition and oxygen. Because the brain is particularly susceptible to oxidative damage from free radicals, antioxidants play a large role in keeping the brain sharp.

The communication of chemicals throughout the body is just as important to the brain, especially when it comes to how our brain’s handle stress and mood. Even something as simple as avoiding zinc deficiency can support the body’s levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that reduces stress. Low magnesium has been linked to an increase in migraines. Amino acids like l-tryptophan and l-tyrosine support sleep and mood chemicals like serotonin.

A healthy diet provides more than the essential nutrients for the best brain function. Allergens in our food and environment negatively affect brain health, from memory to focus to stress response and mood. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and a lack of quality water are just a few of the factors in an unhealthy diet that can cause brain “malfunction.”

Besides a healthy diet, our actions also play a role in brain health. Adequate sleep and exercise keep the brain sharp and in perspective. Behavioral tips, positive self-talk, and gratitude can help us fight stress and turn a negative mood around.

To kick off our deep dive into brain health, enjoy this short video, 6 Mental Health Tips.

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