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  • Get Out There: Boost Your Mood With Some Time In Nature

    Just in time for the three weeks of “just right” weather we’re likely to get, Houston, here are some good reasons to spend some time outdoors.

    Step outside. How wild is the landscape you’re in? It could be a garden patch or the canopy of trees you walk under if you live in the city, and the wildlife that calls it home. Biodiversity, (defined as the variety of organisms that exist in a certain environment) human-managed or not, is an essential contributor to our well-being, physical and mental. We feel better when close to nature, which is why we need to redesign shared habitats to address this inescapable and worthwhile connection.

  • Tips for Living Long and Well

    We’re living longer, healthier lives. The “third age” (between retirement and the onset of age-induced physical, emotional, and cognitive limitations) is a time of personal fulfillment for many, but longevity also comes with challenges—physical, social, and economic. Read on for how to best prepare for the golden years.
  • Make Gratitude A Daily Habit

    More than simply a glass-half-full attitude, the impacts of gratitude are rich and far-reaching. Read on to learn about the range of benefits of consciously cultivating more gratitude, and how to make it part of your day.
  • Natural Supports To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy

    Navigating uncertain times is no small feat, especially for parents who are concerned about how to keep their kids happy and safe. Measures such as school shutdowns, frequent handwashing, and physical distancing that were (and, in some cases, may still be) in place to protect against COVID-19 have also contributed to a fair bit of worry among parents and kids alike.

    While there isn’t sufficient data to recommend natural treatments for this particular viral strain, take heart in knowing there are ways to naturally support your child’s immune system so that it’s stronger and more resilient against infections that might come their way, including those caused by seasonal cold and flu viruses.

  • 7 Historical Herbal Defenders To The Rescue

    Have you ever wondered how our ancestors fended off dreaded seasonal viruses? It’s time to find out! We’re delving into the past to bring you s...
  • A healthy gut microbiome may be your best immune defense

    Cold and flu season is on its way, so we’re going to have our probiotics at the ready! We’re covering our bases when it comes to prevention and treatment by gearing up our guts.
  • Prepared for Anything

    As summer rapidly bounds towards its close, we turn our minds to the next phase of our year: the start of school, the beginning preparations for the parade of holidays as the earth changes seasons, slowly turning from the oppressive heat of this height of summer to the cold, brisk temperatures of winter. These changes in seasons can cause added stress to already busy lives, as our day planners begin to fill with activities when there are only so many hours in a day.

    At BetsyHealth, we believe that you can be prepared for anything, from concurrent soccer games for your high schooler and eighth grader to that holiday dinner when 24 people crowd your dining room table and every chair in the house, including the lopsided cane back that little Joey used to prove his hacksaw could cut through anything, spreads out before you in an odd mixture of blessing and embarrassment.

  • The Truth About Sugar And Your Kids’ Health

    Consumption of junk food and added sugars might just change your child’s future. Learn why kids need to get the right kind of sugar to help the...
  • Aromatherapy to Enhance Learning

    This back-to-school season, don’t just stock up on books and other supplies; consider adding essential oils to help enhance your learning experience! 

    What is aromatherapy?

    When we talk about aromatherapy, we’re talking about the therapeutic use of natural oils that are extracted from flowers, plants, trees, resins, and other botanical elements in nature.

  • Enhance Exercise and Improve Recovery

    A variety of antioxidants and super foods show promise to help get the most from exercise efforts and to also support improved recovery from exercise in the below studies.
  • 5 Skin Care Tips For Summer

    It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy—or it should be. Here are some simple strategies to enjoy the sunshine and keep your skin safe and beautiful.
  • Find Your Peace By Putting Stress On Silent

    From the second your alarm clock jars you into consciousness, your brain processes the sights, sounds, thoughts, and stressors you experience throughout your day. Exposure to a constant barrage of email notifications and the endless to-do list running the monologue of the mind makes up just a smidgen of what the brain has to process. And considering the increase of stress and anxiety since the onset of the pandemic, we all need some serious R&R.

    A logical solution to overstimulation is to reduce stimulation, and one such way is to practice silence. Researchers now acknowledge that silence plays a significant role in healthy human physiology, well-being, and spirituality.

    While escaping to the woods for a seven-day silent retreat would likely work wonders to calm the mind, it’s just not feasible (or desirable) for most of us to live in silence for the rest of our lives just to keep stress at bay.

    But you can find moments throughout your day to create a special retreat from the many stressors constantly surrounding you by practicing intermittent silence.