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  • Beating PCOS: Nutrients for Women's Health

    Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormone imbalance—including excess male hormone levels—that changes menstruation, can impair fertility, and raises chances for metabolic syndrome and other physical and psychological conditions.
  • Saffron and Tryptophan for Mood

    The holidays aren’t necessarily the happiest of times for everyone. Everyday issues with mood and stress can be greatly exacerbated by the pressures of holiday preparations. It’s simply too easy to fall into the trap of trying to make everything so perfect that we forget to pause long enough to enjoy the moment.

    The end of the year just may be the most important time for you to pay attention to how you are supporting a healthy mood, as well as concern for your overall health. In these studies, saffron and tryptophan showed promise when it came to mood.

  • Blood Sugar Management Tips To Help Our Kids

    Type 2 diabetes was almost nonexistent among children three decades ago, affecting primarily adults 45 and older. Nowadays there is a worrying increase in cases among young people. What happened between then and now, and what can we do?
  • Tips For Your Best Sleep At Every Age

    It’s as essential to our very survival as water, food, and shelter, yet sleep tends to be pushed aside when it comes to priorities, considered an afterthought or even an inconvenience amid our busy schedules.

    Blissful, sufficient sleep doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams, however. Here’s how to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Health Updates You Can Use: Immune Support

    Almost thirty years have passed since we opened our family-owned supplement store. Since then, we’ve been working hard to know our products as well as our customers. At Betsy’s Health Foods, we strive to answer your product questions and help you meet your health goals, which these days center more than ever on immune health.

    In these studies, scientists considered the value of turmeric in relation to COVID, vitamin C’s impact on hospital stays, and the immune-supporting value of the mighty walnut.

  • Brain Up With These Tips

    Imagine being 90 (or 100) and having the sharp memory and cognitive skills of your younger self. It’s possible with a few lifestyle tweaks, som...
  • Get Out There: Boost Your Mood With Some Time In Nature

    Just in time for the three weeks of “just right” weather we’re likely to get, Houston, here are some good reasons to spend some time outdoors.

    Step outside. How wild is the landscape you’re in? It could be a garden patch or the canopy of trees you walk under if you live in the city, and the wildlife that calls it home. Biodiversity, (defined as the variety of organisms that exist in a certain environment) human-managed or not, is an essential contributor to our well-being, physical and mental. We feel better when close to nature, which is why we need to redesign shared habitats to address this inescapable and worthwhile connection.

  • Tips for Living Long and Well

    We’re living longer, healthier lives. The “third age” (between retirement and the onset of age-induced physical, emotional, and cognitive limitations) is a time of personal fulfillment for many, but longevity also comes with challenges—physical, social, and economic. Read on for how to best prepare for the golden years.
  • Make Gratitude A Daily Habit

    More than simply a glass-half-full attitude, the impacts of gratitude are rich and far-reaching. Read on to learn about the range of benefits of consciously cultivating more gratitude, and how to make it part of your day.
  • Natural Supports To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy

    Navigating uncertain times is no small feat, especially for parents who are concerned about how to keep their kids happy and safe. Measures such as school shutdowns, frequent handwashing, and physical distancing that were (and, in some cases, may still be) in place to protect against COVID-19 have also contributed to a fair bit of worry among parents and kids alike.

    While there isn’t sufficient data to recommend natural treatments for this particular viral strain, take heart in knowing there are ways to naturally support your child’s immune system so that it’s stronger and more resilient against infections that might come their way, including those caused by seasonal cold and flu viruses.

  • 7 Historical Herbal Defenders To The Rescue

    Have you ever wondered how our ancestors fended off dreaded seasonal viruses? It’s time to find out! We’re delving into the past to bring you s...
  • A healthy gut microbiome may be your best immune defense

    Cold and flu season is on its way, so we’re going to have our probiotics at the ready! We’re covering our bases when it comes to prevention and treatment by gearing up our guts.