Before You Begin


  • SAFETY is the most important part of supplement buying. That's why a visit to our stores, where we can ask you the important questions without doing something the FDA regulations might consider prescribing over the telephone or via email, helps us help you to the best of our abilities.
  • But once you know the product from our store that works best for you, sometimes ordering what you need next is easier on the go, at your fingertips.
  • Our online portal is designed to help you make your supplement refill buying as convenient as possible for you. Choose to have products shipped to you via the post office or let us pick your order so that it's all ready for you when you drop in at the store location you select.
  • If you take any prescription or over-the-counter medication or have any medical conditions, remember to check with your pharmacist and/or health care provider before trying a supplement. As always, separate taking any non-contraindicated supplements away from any prescription or Over-the-Counter medications by several hours. 

In-Store PickUp Orders

If you are placing an order you intend to pick up online, be aware that you will be allowed to choose the in-store pick up option and store location at the shipping portion of the checkout process. When you get to the shipping step in the checkout, you can choose to pick up at Champion Forest, pick up at Cypresswood or have your product mailed. 


We will happily communicate with you concerning any logistical questions you have about your order. However, we are limited in what we can say over the telephone and email about what products "do" as the FDA considers this prescribing.

We will try to answer your email questions within 48 hours, even if our answer is that we can't answer the particular question you have asked because it concerns a medical condition rather than a purely supplement product question we can answer.

Sorry for any inconvenience our email restrictions may cause. We want to ensure the safety of our customers and remain within the boundaries of the laws governing our industry. Many nutrition questions require face-to-face communication in order to ensure the full scope of the issue is explored and that you are pointed in the right direction.


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