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  • Omega-3s and Brain Health

    A diet high on fried foods, fast foods, high carbs, etc. and low on fish, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and complex carbs rich in fiber can lead to an imbalance of fats in the body, making the body high in bad fats and low in the fats that help the body with healthy inflammation response, heart health and more. In these studies, omega-3 fats show promise in supporting brain health.
  • Energy Tips For Everyday Living

    We all know that stress can zap our energy stores, both physically and mentally. When we’re letting stress get the best of us, we don’t sleep well, we eat fatty and sugary foods to comfort ourselves, we get achy and immobile as we let stress continue to control us.

    But we don’t have to let stress take control. Some simple steps can help us get back the energy we are losing to the demands of everyday living. Watch this video for a snapshot view of our energy tips. Or listen to the full podcast to learn about lifestyle choices and supplements that can help you support good energy.

  • Help Dad Combat Stress

    Due to stigma, many men are hesitant to seek professional help for mental health concerns, and it can have tragic long-term effects. Here’s how we can fight back.

    Plus, Energy Tips Podcast!

  • New! Whole Food Supplement Suite at BetsyHealth

    Our new, Whole Food Supplements are Organic, Non-GMO, and Vegan, and crafted to emulate the way nutrients are found in nature. 

    This podcast discusses our new suite of whole food supplements.

  • Age Gracefully

    It’s never too late to improve one’s approach to a healthier future. Diet and exercise choices become even more important every day we age. Simple changes, like adding a brisk walk to your daily routine, can make surprising differences to the way you feel and look, especially if you have been under a lot of stress.

    In these studies, omega-3s, vitamin D and folate offer some promising prospects for the quest to age gracefully. Find out more below.

  • Muscle Matters: Important at Any Age

    Sarcopenia, age-related muscle loss, happens to everyone. We lose 3% to 5% of our muscle power every decade after our 30s. This reality of aging makes it all that more important to pay attention to muscle health at any age. Besides important proteins which provide crucial amino acids, other nutrients help with muscle health. For example, we know that CoQ10 is crucial to muscle health, especially your most important muscle, your heart.

    In these studies, nutrients like omegas, niacin and alpha lipoic acid showed promise in helping to maintain muscle strength. And remember, regular weight-bearing exercise like walking and some resistance training for your muscles every week are also key to maintaining muscles. Whether you’ve been on top of your nutrient needs or just beginning, it’s never too late to pay attention to your muscle health.

  • Intuitive Eating: Gut Matters

    Research has shown that restrictive diets don’t lead to long-term healthy weight. While this may, in part, be because reducing food intake is not sustainable over the long term, unresolved unhealthy relationships with food may also be involved. For example, subconscious childhood messages to “clean our plates” of food we didn’t put there and enforced mealtimes that required us to either ignore our hunger until dinnertime or eat at a certain time—even if we weren’t hungry—may have led, eventually, to poor communication with our hunger GPS.

    Intuitive eating is based on the premise that the body has an innate wisdom about the quantity and type of food required to maintain an appropriate weight and achieve nutritional health. It has been associated with less disordered eating, more aspects of positive body image such as body appreciation, and improved emotional functioning.

  • Stress Matters

    Stress is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to take the life out of living. A healthy diet, regular exercise and meditation or relaxation, plus supplements to help support the body back into balance can help you beat stress. At Betsy’s Health Foods, we’re ready to answer your product questions and help you with supplement needs when it comes to stress or any other area of health.

  • Be Fabulous At Every Age

    Nearing 50 can be our “second act,” redefining our relationships, careers, and health. We’re living better than ever, and we want to look as good as we feel. For real wisdom on beauty and aging, here’s some advice from women in their fifties and sixties, and tips for aging with happiness and health.
  • Probiotics Make A Difference

    The good bacteria that can be found all over the body, probiotics make a big difference in a healthy gut, brain, and even heart. Each person’s probiotic profile is a little different, based on genetics, diet, medical history, and even where you live in the world! A good probiotic supplement understands the demands on good bacteria. We think our Betsy’s Basics line of probiotic products has all of the qualities you could hope for in a good probiotic supplement.
  • 7 Caregiving Tips When Your Loved One Has Cancer

    A cancer diagnosis can leave friends and family unsure of how best to support a loved one. Are there topics that shouldn’t be broached? What if the wrong thing is said? These suggestions may help you to help a loved one through a cancer diagnosis.
  • Tips for Menopause

    Menopause and post-menopause are important times in a woman’s health. Changes in hormone levels lead to challenges in heart health, bone health, mood and more. Here are some tips to help manage menopause and make the most of life.