Fix Secret Energy Zappers With These Tips

Fix Secret Energy Zappers With These Tips



A day filled with good energy can lead to more productivity, less stress, and more feel-good emotions. But there are several things that can work against you. In these six videos, discover secret energy zappers and pointers for defeating them.

1. Dehydration

Not drinking enough water can affect your mood and energy. And it's important year-round, not just those hot summer months. Discover which kinds of liquids to avoid, too.

2. Lack of Exercise

It may seem counterintuitive, but energy you put into exercise actually pays bigger dividends in the long run. Discover the benefits of regular exercise and the best kinds of exercise for your best energy.

3. Unusual Sleep

Not sleeping on a regular schedule can throw off your energy balance more easily than you might think. Also discover why caffeine is not your best friend when it comes to energy and sleep.

4. Bad Diet

Diet plays a role in energy, and too much processed food definitely has a negative impact on your energy levels and your health. Discover hidden carbs and more to avoid and the kinds of foods that actually help feed energy stores.

5. Unrealistic schedule

Often, our lack of energy can be laid at our own doorstep because we are simply trying to fit too much action into too little resources. Learn things to consider about your own priorities and schedule to help you concentrate on what matters most and have your best energy too.

6. Got the blues?

Energy can definitely be affected by mood. When you're down, it's easy to want to curl in a ball and do nothing. But some simple steps can help you combat occasional blues and keep your energy going strong.

Having sufficient energy can be an ongoing struggle. But taking simple steps to curb these secret energy zappers can make a big difference in the energy you feel. At BetsyHealth, we look forward to helping you with your supplemental needs for energy and all your other health-goal needs.

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