Health Updates You Can Use: Immune Support

Health Updates You Can Use: Immune Support

Almost thirty years have passed since we opened our family-owned supplement store. Since then, we’ve been working hard to know our products as well as our customers. At Betsy’s Health Foods, we strive to answer your product questions and help you meet your health goals, which these days center more than ever on immune health.

In these studies, scientists considered the value of turmeric in relation to COVID, vitamin C’s impact on hospital stays, and the immune-supporting value of the mighty walnut.

Curcumin complementary treatment in Covid

Curcumin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-clotting effects, making it a promising candidate for treating Covid-19. In this study, 70 Covid-19 patients continued taking conventional Covid treatments while adding a probiotic placebo or 525 mg of curcumin plus 2.5 mg of piperine, twice per day during their hospital stay.

Compared to placebo, those in the curcumin group recovered sooner from fever, cough, sore throat, and breathlessness, and deteriorated less while in the hospital. The curcumin group was also better able to maintain oxygen saturation levels above 94 percent on ambient room air.

Fewer in the curcumin group required intubation or mechanical ventilation to maintain oxygen saturation, and when these were required, needed them for shorter periods of time. Those in the curcumin group also required fewer injections of remdesivir, and experienced fewer blood clotting episodes compared to placebo.

“Curcumin with piperine can significantly improve the effects of the Covid-19 treatment protocol,” doctors concluded.

Reference: Frontiers in Pharmacology; August, 2021, 669362, Published Online

Vitamin C helps maintain strength in hospital

Until now, doctors have focused on the lack of protein in the diet as a cause of frailty in old age. This is the first study to look at how micronutrients such as vitamin C can affect frailty.

In this study, doctors measured frailty in 160 hospitalized men and women, average age 84 years. Frailty includes measures of cognition, health status, independent living, medicines, nutrition, mood, and bodily and physical function.

Vitamin C levels were low or deficient in 61.9 percent of participants, and significantly lower in those with moderate to severe frailty scores. Doctors said 40 percent of total vitamin C in the body is present in skeletal muscle, directly affecting muscle function.

Reference: Nutrients; 2021, Vol. 13, No. 6, 10.3390/nu13062117

Walnut improved immunity

To test the immune-building properties of walnut, in the lab, mice were given whey protein as a control, or walnut oligopeptides. After 30 days, walnut increased several types of immune white blood cells: macrophages, the first line of immune defenses that recognize invaders; T-cells, that kill invading pathogens; and B-cells, which manufacture antibodies against future attacks. Walnut stimulated three important antibodies, the proteins that help neutralize foreign organisms: IgM, IgA, and SIgA. Doctors said walnut oligopeptides are a promising immune-supporting nutrient.

Reference: Journal of Nutrition; October 2020, Vol. 150, No. 10, 2673–86

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