Natural Beauty Strategies To Try Today

Natural Beauty Strategies To Try Today

The privilege of growing older comes with some compromises, including having an exterior that may not match what we’d like to see in the mirror. Instead of throwing in the non-abrasive, organic cotton towel, there are simple strategies you can use to support your timeless beauty.

1. Eat for beauty

To strengthen your hair and nails, ensure your diet contains the amino acid cysteine, which makes keratin more rigid. Meat and fish provide the greatest amount of cysteine, but vegetarians and vegans can look to quinoa, soybeans, nuts, and split peas.

For youthful skin, eat foods such as citrus fruits, leafy greens, spirulina, berries, and nuts; they help replenish and promote collagen production in your body. Only animal foods, however, provide complete collagen proteins, which are made of specific amino acids.

Research shows that the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA found in fatty fish are critical components of cell membranes. These fats may also play a role in protecting skin cells from the damaging effects of UV rays.

2. Supplement for skin, hair, and nails

All these nutrients may improve the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. Just be sure to ask your health care practitioner to make sure a new supplement is right for you.

  • silicon
  • vitamin C
  • collagen

3. Try these topical essentials

Protecting skin involves shielding it from the harmful impact of sunlight along with preserving and replenishing its moisture content.


Find a mineral sunscreen you can wear year-round on your face to apply under makeup. If you use moisturizers or foundation with sun protection, remember that you probably don’t apply enough to achieve the SPF on the label and that sunscreen must be reapplied to be effective. Wear a hat while outside!


Facial serums are generally applied before your moisturizer and contain ingredients such as grapeseed oil, gotu kola, and vitamins C and E to nourish skin.


Look for ingredients like honey, hyaluronic acid, and aloe in your moisturizer; they are humectants, meaning they pull moisture into your top layer of skin.

Face oils

These are particularly useful for dry skin. Look for nutrient-rich pure cacay oil, which is hydrophilic, meaning it has a strong affinity for water. Other nourishing oils include argan oil, which is high in healing vitamin E, or jojoba oil, which is similar to skin’s natural oil. Drier skin might benefit from emollient ingredients that trap moisture: Consider shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil for the dry spots.

4. Be kind to your skin

  • Remove makeup every night before bed.
  • Be gentle! Pulling and scrubbing is unnecessary and can damage sensitive tissues.
  • Avoid over-exfoliating. Once a week is plenty for most people. Abrasive scrubs can also damage skin.
  • Only use warm water to wash.
  • Pat with your towel; don’t rub.

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