Osteoarthritis Update

Osteoarthritis Update

Osteoarthritis, often called "wear and tear" arthritis, is the most common form of arthritis. In these studies, CoQ10 and garlic showed promise in supporting the health concerns of those dealing with this issue.

Nutrients boost muscle and joint function


CoQ10 for muscle and endurance

Over time, cartilage that cushions and separates bone joints breaks down. In this study, 100 people with osteoarthritis (OA) and 100 without, at least 40 years old, took a series of muscle and physical tests. Doctors measured levels of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and found 75 percent of those with OA were deficient compared to 59 percent for those without OA, with greater deficiencies in more severe cases of OA.

Both those with OA, and those who were aged at least 65, had lower levels of CoQ10. Among those at least age 65 with OA, levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein—a sign of systemic inflammation—were higher compared to younger participants with OA.

Among those with OA, those with higher levels of CoQ10 had greater muscle mass, strength, and endurance. Men with OA had lower muscle strength than men without OA. Women with OA had lower scores than women without OA on tests of balance, gait speed, and standing from a seated position multiple times.

Doctors concluded supplementing with CoQ10 may improve muscle function in OA in older adults.

Reference: Antioxidants (Basel); 2020, Vol. 9, No. 12, 1275

Garlic extract for knee function

The chances of developing osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee greatly increase in those with obesity. In this study, 50 obese women with OA of the knee took a placebo or 1,000 mg of garlic extract per day.

After 12 weeks, compared to placebo, those taking garlic saw greater improvements in standard tests of physical function, pain, and stiffness. The physical tests included everyday activities such as using stairs, standing up from a sitting or lying position, standing, bending, walking, getting in and out of a car, shopping, putting on or taking off socks, lying in bed, getting in or out of a bath, sitting, and heavy and light household duties.

Reference: Journal of Herbal Medicine; 2020, Vol. 24, 100392

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