Thank You, Wonderful Customers

Thank You, Wonderful Customers

This 2024 will mark Betsy’s Health Foods 31st year selling vitamins and supplements to our wonderful customers! We thank you for following us from our original and satellite locations to our new centralized home, our Louetta Flagship as we like to call it. And we thank you for all those online and over-the-phone mail orders.

In 31 years, we’ve survived so much together, from hurricanes and 100-year floods to COVID and the threat of losing our supplements that continues to exist today. Through it all, you found your way to us, and we have done our very best to help you meet your healthy needs. We stay up-to-date on our products so that we may answer your questions. We strive to learn something new each day. Some of our learning has even been acquired by listening to you, our customers, your concerns and own research.

When we decided to take the plunge into offering a store brand, you continued to show your support by making the shift with us. In keeping with our desire to be always taking your health and your budget to heart, we took time to research our store brand manufacturers. We visited the manufacturing facilities and asked the tough questions. Today, Betsy and I serve on the retailer advisory board for two of our manufacturing partners.

Partnership is an important theme for us. First, we have a partnership within the Billingslea family, a commitment to ourselves to work together for the best outcomes of our employees and customers. Our staff have worked with us over decades. We could not serve you without having Lisa, Gerri, our 80’s Ladies Saturday crew, and our Monday team. But the ultimate partnership that makes all the difference to our business is our partnership with you, our customers. We want you to feel as if you have arrived at your second home when you walk through our doors. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support of our business and belief in us.

As a health blogger, I thank you for finding time to read our health articles and emails. My earnest desire is to offer you health news you can use, not just trendy topics. I look forward to sharing even more information with you come this 2024.

Thank you, Houston! What would Betsy’s Health Foods do without you? We look forward to greeting you as our guests throughout the coming year. Whether you’re looking to find more energy, lose the stress, or fill in nutritional gaps due to diet and lifestyle factors, we’ll be here, ready to take your health to heart.

With heart,
Ramona Billingslea

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