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Your Supplement Choices—Going, Going, Gone!

ANH-USA Editor’s note (11/22/2022): We’re re-publishing the article below to emphasize the dire threat posed by Sen. Durbin’s “mandatory product listing” policy, which still has a real shot of getting passed. You can read about the current status of Sen. Durbin’s efforts in our legislative update article we recently published. If you haven’t already, please take action by scrolling to the bottom of this article and sending a message to your lawmakers opposing this policy!

How Sen. Durbin’s (D-IL) mandatory product listing will replace the supplements you rely on with standardized, low-quality, one-size-fits all products. Action Alert!

Imagine walking into your favorite store or doctor’s office to buy supplements. Instead of seeing a rich variety of products with various forms and dosages of vitamins and minerals, you see a few basic products, many of which do not fit your needs because the dosages are too low or the ingredients you need are not available. This is our future if we allow Senator Dick Durbin’s mandatory product registration bill to become law. This legislation will reduce consumer choice and destroy innovation in the supplement industry.

Sen. Durbin’s bill creates a database of all supplements, where each product is listed along with ingredients and dosages. As we’ve explained before, this sounds innocuous, but there are many problems with it. The main threat is how a list like this will be used by the FDA to find and eliminate supplements the agency believes are not in compliance with other overreaching regulations.

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Time after time, the industry has experienced economic harm from FDA overreach. Whether it's been CBD, NAC, or NMN, the FDA has routinely misapplied the law leaving the dietary supplement industry with the short end of the stick.

Now, at the eleventh hour, Senator Durbin is making a final push to include pre-market approval for dietary supplements in any and all legislative packages remaining for the year. It begs the question of why anyone would support providing the FDA with more authority when they have consistently shown they are incapable of appropriately exercising their current authority.

There is still time to warn Congress of the dangers of pre-market approval, and it only takes just a few clicks. So join our fight against pre-market approval for dietary supplements. Should pre-market approval legislation become the law of the land, it would reverse the tried and true dietary supplement law, which has worked so well for the last 30 years.

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