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Save Homeopathy

FDA Seeks New Authority To Restrict Supplement Access

New Bill To Protect CBD Supplements Needs Your Support

More Info About Our Current Threats:

The Food and Drug Administration just denied citizen petitions to allow CBD access on shelves in food and supplements. It doesn't mean CBD will be pulled from our shelves any time soon, but it does set an unsettling pattern that could unravel the supplement industry. Read more about it and take action HERE.

We won some major victories for supplements this past year, but it's not time to sit on our laurels just yet.

In 2023, we know that Senator Durbin will continue to push his Mandatory Product Listing policy that would ultimately limit your supplement access.

In addition to this ongoing threat, the Food and Drug Administration is challenging us in at least two key areas.

They have a draft guidance in place that, if enacted, could turn DSHEA, the law that gives us the right to have supplements over-the-counter being rightly defined as food/nutrients and not medicine, on its head.

In addition, late in 2022, the FDA put forth their new policy on homeopathy, effectively declaring all homeopathic products now on the market illegal, which means the FDA could have them removed from the shelves at any moment!

Visit for their year in review article. This informative blog post looks back in 2022 and forward to the upcoming efforts for 2023.

Read all about it here.

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